I am Mai Nguyen- Phi brows Microblading artist, PMU artist and owner of Feature Clinic

When I was looking for a change in career I came across microblading and wen through my training in London. Since then I have never looked back. At first it was so challenging that for a short moment I thought I would not make it, but in the end I got my certificate and it was a game changer!
The job brings me so much joy. When I see the customers’ satisfaction and see how nice eyebrows make such a difference to a face I know that it is a dream job for me.
To any new customer I would discuss the shape and colour choices with her until she is happy. There is no “one shape for all” and everyone has different needs. It is important to be flexible and adjustable to match an eyebrow’s shape to the customer’s facial structure, personal choice and lifestyle.
I also make sure that I identify the client’s skin under tone and customers choice of healed tone to adjust the colour to a warm or a cool base tone.
The amount of time I would spend in consultation is equal or even more than the treatment itself.
I would also take time explaining the procedure to the customer and make sure they know what step I am at.
When you love a job – the job loves you! I love this job and it brought me my first Finalist award of Microblading Artist of the year in the Under 2 year category in MPUK Nottingham 2019.

This award meant that my work was recognised to a high standard by a professional organisation and it took me to a higher level of my dream career. And it did not stop there, in 2020, I continued to have two other Finalist Awards, one is for Microblading Artist of the year in Over 2 year category and the other is Brows Expert of the year ( London region ) in Brows, Lash and Nails 2020.

However, my ultimate goal is not achieving awards, it is to be independent in my career, to be my own boss with the freedom of choosing my own way of working, choosing who I want to work with and built a team. With me, each day doing this job is a day of blessing and happiness.

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